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Why You Might Want to Upgrade Your Home Security System This Winter

Your home security system is valuable in many ways. While you might think that you have less to worry about in the winter, burglaries are up this season according to police reports.

Police say that one of the reasons that burglars choose to act in the winter months is due to the presence of more useful “tools”. We have a tendency to leave our snow shovels out in front of the house.

Burglars have used the shovels to break windows, force open doors or even subdue someone on their way into the home. So, the first step is to be conscious of where you leave your snow shovel. Put it in the garage. Close the garage door and make sure that your security system covers that entrance to your home.

Your garage door may be a vulnerable area any time of the year. If there is no security lock, a burglar can use a regular wire coat hanger to reach the emergency release cord and open the door manually.

There are lots of ways to improve the security of your home. Outdoor lights are a major deterrent. Cutting back trees or bushes to give would-be thieves fewer places to hide is another good idea.

Many of those jobs are best saved for the spring months. Upgrading your security system is something you can do right now.

The best home security systems on the market today include motion and sound detectors. Sensors can be place on doors and windows. Any point of entry into the home will set off an alarm when the circuit is broken.

Most experts agree that an audible alarm, rather than a silent one, is the best choice. The sound of the alarm scars most criminals away.

The alarms should be monitored externally by your security system provider. While there are some non-monitored systems, they have drawbacks. They would work by sending a phone call to you, a neighbor or a family member. If no one is available to answer the call, the burglars win and you lose.

While you might think that a home security system is unaffordable or a big investment, you may be able to save as much as 20% on your homeowner’s insurance policy by installing one. The 20% savings could pay for the monthly external monitoring fee.

You may have seen the news about the recent string of break-ins in Ottawa. The thieves are breaking in during the daytime, while you are at work. At least 25 homes in the Glebe and Civic Hospital area have been hit over the last several weeks.

Your vacation home is another potential target. Burglars know that most beach homes are empty this time of year. 20 homes in one coastal community have been ransacked since December.

You can sleep well at night if you know that your homes are protected by the best security systems available. In my opinion, the ability to get a good night’s sleep is what makes the systems most valuable. To get the best prices on installation, see what the contractors at www.homeimprovement411.ca

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have to offer. Maybe you can get a wintertime special!

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